Söring GmbH Ultrasonic Dissector (Sonoca)

with Integrated Irrigation and Aspiration Pump

Ultrasound Surgery is innovative, flexible and cost effective. With the help of the selective ultrasound, the surgeon can cut and coagulate gently with little hemorrhaging while preserving all healthy structures.

Söring, one of the pioneers in ultrasound technology and market leader in ultrasound technology has developed the Sonoca – Söring Gmbh Ultrasonic Dissector. The Söring Sonoca 300 is the only unit worldwide offering three working frequencies in one (25 kHz, 35 kHz and 55kHz), which makes it suitable for application in many disciplines.

In the field of urology, recent years have also seen increasing application of minimally invasive surgical techniques as a standard. Endoscopic interventions for diseases of the adrenal gland, kidney, ureter, bladder and prostate constitute routine surgical procedures today. The spectrum of surgeries that is generally suited for laparoscopic interventions include:

  • Prostatectomy
  • Pyelotomy
  • Nephrectomy
  • Ureteral anastomosis

The use of ultrasonic instrument Söring Sonoca 300 leads to even more precise and faster results with less chance for hemorrhage. Ultrasound can be used for tissue dissection and coagulation at a frequency range of 55 kHz, since the walls of the blood vessels adhere to one another and thereby lead to occlusion. This effect is very selective and enables a precise procedure during dissection and coagulation.

Advantages of the Söring Sonoca 300

  • Less bleeding and therefore improved view of the operating site for the surgeon
  • No visible formation of smoke
  • Low-risk dissection and coagulation since there is no current flowing through the patient
  • Ergonomic handling
  • Cost efficiency through reusability


  • Urology
  • General Surgery
  • Cardiac surgery
  • ENT
  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • Neurosurgery
  • Gynecology/Oncology
  • Wound Treatment


  • 3 working frequencies in one compact device
  • Controlled tissue dissection (25/35 kHz) preserving nerves, vessels and collagen structures
  • Cutting and coagulation effects (55 kHz) on tissue with special ultrasound instruments
  • Application in ultrasonic lavage
  • The device works simultaneously with integrated aspiration and irrigation functions
  • The Söring Sonoca 300 is processor-controlled and features automatic instrument detection with automatic preselection of the performance parameters